Community Name (created when a new community is created in backend)

<floor plan image that opens in a lightbox>

<add social icons>

<Floor Plan Title>

  • Main Level Square Feet: <value>
  • Lower-Level Square Feet: <value>
  • Second Level Square Feet: <value>
  • Bedrooms: <value>
  • Bathrooms: <value>
  • Garage: <value>
  • Description: <value>


Notes for Greg:

  1. Sometimes they have 1 “square feet” per floor plan and sometimes they have 3. For examples: some communities say “square feet”, another one has “main level, optional lower level”, so they need to be able to specify the label per each floor plan. I think I have covered this by the fields below.
  2. Also, they use text and numbers in each of these fields, such as “Bedrooms: 1 (optional on this level)”, so don’t allow for just numbers in the fields.

Admin fields look like this:

Only enter values that are needed for this floor plan.